I've been set free

In the darkness, I was struggling to find the light.
I stumbled, I fell, I crawled my way out..
Out into the dark of night,
I heard a voice telling me to get up and fight

I fought the darkness, I let go of any inhibitions, 
My soul was telling me to let go, 
Let go of fear and anger that consumed me
I was still fighting...

Then I found you, My Lord. 
The light came through like rays through the blue sky, 
Into my body it poured and purified my soul

I found myself alive again,
Because your loved saved me and showered me
With eternal life. 

You are the reason I have been set free
I am forever indebted to you. 

There is no darkness now only light. 
No tears only smiles,
No fear only faith,
No anger only love. 

Now and forever God,
You are mine and I am yours
I have been set free.

A poem by Aashita Engineer 2018