Bride vision Rix Banga

During worship today at church, I was reaching out to God and saw a vision of a beautiful woman in a pale coloured flowing wedding dress, she was on a mountain and her hands were up in the air and waving freely, dancing, she had bare feet which were a little muddy but she was full of peace and flow and freedom.

I couldn’t see her face but I knew she was beautiful but she didn’t believe it. I thought to myself, why am I thinking about such things? What a weird thing to think about during worship.
Anyway, after trying to shake it off (and failing) - I went with it and then I saw the clouds parted dramatically with a holy light and the sun broke through and it was Jesus who floated through the sky towards her.

The woman immediatley panicked and felt unworthy, she noticed her dirty muddy feet and was obsessed with cleaning them before he got to her. She felt sinful and shameful in front of him. Unworthy. But when he got there instead of her receiving judgement, he reached out his arms and told her he had come for her and she was blameless, worthy and deeply valued in his eyes.
Afterward, I felt like God say the beautiful woman represents us, all of us. And that He is coming back for His bride, His church. Us.

It was interesting when 'freedom' was mentioned during the talk and loving yourself first was talked about, and relevant to this vision, linked to the woman trying to clean her feet - representing us when we focus on what is not “right” with us, instead of seeing herself/ourselves through Jesus eyes = blameless, worthy and valued.
We are his bride and he is our perfect husband, lifting us up, cherishing us, valuing us, embracing us.

Rix Banga
Men's Ministry & Multimedia